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More about Rory (true in 2009, anyway)

Work-related links

System i-related links

SystemiNetwork - The premiere web site for all things System i (iSeries, AS/400) related.

Snowboarding links

Burton - Let's face it, these guys are the originals. I use Burton Driver X boots

Nidecker - I have a Megalight board from them. It's absolutely the best board I've ever ridden - unbelievable. The only down-side to it is that it has a pretty soft "Gallium Elektra" base, so don't take it out early or late season or you'll be hosed...

Rossignol - I started snowboarding on a Rossi Strato, and it's still my favorite board - it's just a well made, lovely long stiff board. Great for backcountry and carving... I also used to ride using a pair of Rossi boots with their 'SIS' step-in system, and I think it's so much better than either Clicker or Switch. At any rate, I can click in and go faster than any of my friends who are using either of those... ;)

Miscellaneous links

PLUM Architects - "PLUM is a small San Francisco based architecture firm providing planning, design and construction administration services. In pursuit of excellence on behalf of its clients PLUM approaches design by fostering a collaborative relationship with clients that is focused on the development of direct and buildable projects. Our goal is to reveal the project's singular nature and to discover through design an identity that is individual and memorable."

Rizzo Associates - A design company based in San Francisco which is doing a lot of interesting stuff locally - some restaurant design, some residential work and some other stuff.

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Feel free to email me at rory.hewitt [at]

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